Grow Dots

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  • I have just received my grow dots and i couldn’t be more excited! My question is, can i use this as a top dressing and work it into the top of the soil? Should i hold off til my next run and mix em in proper? Also should i still be adding my rhino skin silica at normal dosage? I don’t see any on the ingredients list so I figured I would ask while I’m here!

  • I just got my grow dots & recharge ( I’m a cyco nutrients user but want something faster than measuring 12 different nutrients) in your videos you mention adding silica as a turbocharger, I’m taking I can add my cyco silica at recommended dosages in my water with recharge , thank you for all your hard work and time you dedicate to this special herb !!!

  • Premix or Top Dress? I posted a question about this in the forum chat, but no response. Growing autos in 5 gallon buckets with GroBucket inserts. Been premixing Grow Dots and seems like around 10g per gallon works best overall, but it does seem to be over feeding in late veg/early flower, and under feeding in late flower (also running out of CalMag). My question is would I have better results by top feeding around week 2-3? Or should I try the Extended Veg Grow Dots?

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