Reply To: Wow! It took me 20 minutes to find where to post. Anyway my Buddy has a rare condition and he's been in a chair for all of his life. Doctors told him that he wasn't going to live past 25. Well we just celebrated his 41st birthday. Of course he went through the pill addiction process when the doctor wasn't trying to deal with him anymore. Then he realized how much smoking helped him deal with pain stress and anxiety. Listen my boy can draw amazing stuff with his mouth. He can rap his ass off. He's a really cool dude. So we're gonna do podcast slash yt as well. The crippled crippy grower? Sound good? We are in a state that won't be rec. Until November if that gives you an idea. # Scotty. Real opinions. What do you guys think? We feel the need to sow the seeds of love so everyone from the guy that just needs to smoke to sleep,all the way to the person that has been stuck in a chair since the moment he was born to get passed every time he has to pee or poop or bathe he hasn't to have someone help him. He lives with me and my wife and we try so hard to make him comfortable but just imagine…

  • mcw

    June 14, 2024 at 2:46 pm

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